Welcome to FutúSho!

Your digital city square and 24/7/365 market rolled into one vibrant online web3 marketplace. We bring people together from all corners.

Here, you can buy and sell digital products, offer services to your heart’s content, and hire amazing people from our community. We already live in the true digital world!

As a seller, we offer you various stalls to showcase your items!

You can opt for shared desks, paying a bit more fees to the market owner – just like setting up shop in a bustling marketplace corner.

Want more independence? Rent a place directly from us at a lower commission, like having your standalone space.

Feeling ambitious? Go for a whole kiosk, pay only the settlement, and enjoy a commission-free selling experience.


Shared Desks

You don’t need cryptocurrencies to start offering products or services. Use our shared marketplace with a fixed commission.


Rented Space

If you have cryptocurrencies to pay gas fees, create your own smart contract with lower commission fees. You will have more flexibility and options.


Whole Kiosk

Set up and configure your own marketplace using FutúSho’s infrastructure. You pay only once for installations, absolutely zero commissions.

At FutuSho, we’ve recreated the charm and flexibility of your local market, ensuring a bustling digital space where buying and selling is not just a transaction but a vibrant community experience.

Join us, explore the options, and let the digital marketplace adventure begin! You will love it! 🥰

Who Are Our Citizens?


Digital Artists

Sell your digital products, files, and other items and get paid in 5 minutes with the lowest commission fees in the market.



Offer your services without relying on traditional banking systems, using blockchain technology and smart contracts.


Job Seekers

Build your CV, find your next job, get hired, and be sure nobody can steal your money. Everything is protected by escrow.



Sell your web applications and code easily on FutúSho. Join a community that appreciates your web development skills.



Showcase and sell your designs seamlessly on FutúSho. Your creative work deserves a platform that values your talent.



Monetize your writing skills on FutúSho. Sell your content securely and receive quick payments with low fees.



Collect donations for your amazing streaming activity from your supporters and community. No need to wait for a week to get paid.



Hire the best freelancers for your tasks. Even more, you can organize your business on FutúSho by using our payroll platform!



Discover top talent easily on FutúSho. Simplify your hiring process and connect with skilled professionals, all within a secure platform.

Our Principles

At FutúSho, we believe in technology, blockchain, and web3. We understand how using them correctly can enhance people’s web3 experience and ensure the security of their money and digital assets, guarding against theft.

No Paper Money

We support and use only cryptocurrencies on our marketplace. Crypto is the future and we believe in it.

No Paperwork

Say goodbye to complex paperwork. No local bank accounts needed. Create an account and enjoy!

Smart Contracts

Our technology makes transactions safe and efficient. Get paid in 3-5 minutes.

Fast Payments

You will get access to your money immediately after delivering products or services to the customers.

Lowest Fees

Platform’s commission fee is about 1-3%, depending on your account level and activity.


All transactions are powered by escrow mechanisms on the blockchains. Everything is secured and transparent.

Open Source

Our code is open source and available on GitHub. Everyone can contribute and make our product better.


We are open to any ideas and suggestions from our community members. We collaborate on Discord.


Advancing technology and services to stay at the forefront of cryptocurrency and marketplace evolution

“People and institutions who don’t know or trust each other can now interact over the Internet without the need for trusted third parties like banks or centralized authorities.”

Platform Screenshots

All the screenshots below were taken from a real platform, and it’s not fake. Click on the image below to open full-size screenshots 😀

FutúSho Landing Page

Our Roadmap

Here is our roadmap and plans for making FutúSho better for you. Feel free to ask any questions on our Discord server.

Q4 2023

  • Publish digital products marketplace
  • Add Ethereum and Polygon chains
  • Improve SEO visibility
  • Polish and organize the platform
  • Add support for mobile devices
  • Private platform launch

Q1 2024

  • Add freelance platform
  • Add Ethereum and Polygon chains
  • Add NFTs for rewarding the community
  • Add API for developers
  • Public token listing
  • Public platform launch

Q2 2024

  • Launch self-hosted solution
  • Add HR platform
  • Add vacancies and resumés
  • Add streaming tools

Q3 2024

  • Add business automation tools
  • People will be able to be hired